Please note that the minimum order quantity for custom screen printed garments is 10 pieces per design.


Our screen printing prices get even cheaper when you order a lot of garments at once. So the more you get, the less you'll pay per garment!


Every order is printed to the same high standard you'd expect to find in any high street retail store


Screen printing is a process that requires separate screens for each colour in a design. These screens are closely registered onto a printing press, and hand-printed using a squeegee. It’s a labor-intensive process, but we’ll give you a quick breakdown of how it works to save you time.

artwork & pre press

To print your design onto a garment, we need to separate it into individual colours using an image editing program like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. This involves printing the separations onto transparent film sheets and coating screens with a light-sensitive emulsion. After drying, we align the film sheets onto the screens and expose them to a uv light source for a few minutes to harden the emulsion on the exposed areas. Developing follows shortly after.


Our process for preparing screens involves carefully rinsing each one in a washout booth with water. This causes the water soluble areas, which were previously blocked by acetate, to gradually break down and completely wash out of the mesh. This process results in a flawless stencil with sharp, defined edges and a completely open mesh, which is ready for production. By completing pre-press in this manner, we ensure the best possible outcome for our customers’ printing projects. It’s now time to move onto production.


To start the printing process, we load each stencil onto the press and ensure they are registered correctly. This is a time-consuming task that must be executed with precision to meet our high-quality standards. Once we confirm that everything is in order, we perform a test print on a scrap t-shirt. The ink is applied by hand using a squeegee and dried using a tunnel dryer. We continue to repeat this process for each colour until we are satisfied with the results. During this stage, we thoroughly check the registration and make any necessary adjustments before taping off the registration marks and running a final print test. When everything is up to par, it’s time to start printing.


We use a M&R KRUZER rotating carousel printing press for printing and individually heat cure all garments in a conveyor tunnel dryer to ensure maximum print durability. Our press can handle up to 6 colours and we manually inspect all prints for ultimate quality control.

in a nutshell

Bulk garment printing is the most exceptional way to print in terms of quality, flexibility, and value. No other form of printing can match its benefits when it comes to printing in bulk.