So what are they? In a nutshell, they are screen printed designs inside the collar of the shirt with your logo / website, t-shirt size and sometimes washing instructions. These are printed in place of woven stock labels, which we unpick and remove before printing. With most things in screen printing, there are limitations & other things to consider when getting neck prints.

Do I need neck tag prints?
Very possibly! If you’re looking to add value and a more high end finish to your products then you may want to consider custom screen printed neck tags. For example, if you are an independent clothing label, band or retailer, adding neck prints to your garments can be used to create brand identity, customer loyalty and are also a great way of advertising your website. When deciding wether to order custom neck prints there are two main factors to consider; quantity and budget. If you’re planning on placing orders of 50+ shirts on every order, neck prints may be a good option for you. Then it’s time to look at your budget.

How much does neck tag printing cost?
In most cases, neck prints add around £1 to your cost per garment (based on an order of 50 items). This cost will decrease for higher order quantities. If we also need to unpick and remove all the stock labels from the garments before printing a further 25p per item (based on an order of 50 items) will be charged for this service.

What’s the minimum order?
The minimum order quantity for custom neck tag printing is 50 garments. This can be split over a range of garment sizes, styles and colours, as long as the neck print design remains the same on all garments.

I want sizes on my neck prints, do I need to make a new design for each shirt size?
Not necessarily. A great way of achieving this whilst keeping costs down is by putting all sizes on the same screen with a dot under each size. We can then tape up the dots on the screen according to the size being printed. This saves us having to make a new screen for each shirt size, which would increase the screen set up cost considerably.

This is our recommended design layout for neck prints. Only the star below the garment size being printed will be visible when printing.

This is how it will look when printed onto a garment. Using this layout is a pretty nifty way of saving you money on screen set-up fees!

Will you remove the stock labels for me?
Of course! Most shirts come with a branded woven label inside the neck with care information and most customers often want these removed when adding screen printed neck tags. We offer a stock label removal service where we will unpick and remove all stock labels for you before printing your custom neck tags. We charge 25p per garment for this service (based on an order of 50 items). We can even individually fold, package and label your garments for you for an extra 50p per garment. Bargain!

What information do I need to include on my neck print?
You should look to include a couple of things. Firstly, if you’re removing the care labels from the garments UK law dictates that you must have the fibre content stated on your new label. For example, 100% cotton, 50% cotton / 50% polyester etc. If you are planning on selling within the EU you may have to include this in various languages. We would also recommend including your logo and washing instructions / symbols, although these are not mandatory by law. Other things you could include are garment size (see above for a cost effective way to do this) and website address. You can read the full specifications along with requirements for sales outside the UK / EU HERE.

Anything else I should be aware of?
Very thin garments aren’t advised for neck prints, as the ink may show through the back of the garment. Some items can be so thin that there’s unfortunately no way to avoid ink showing through. This can be discussed with us before you approve your order. Sweaters, hoodies & other fleece lined items don’t tend to be suitable for neck tag prints either, as the surface doesn’t print well due to the fluffy lining. We recommend woven labels with relabelling for these items. We can source and add custom woven labels to your items for you, but please be advise this will extend turnaround time somewhat. This can be discussed when contacting us for a QUOTE.

What size should my neck print be?
The size of your neck print can depend on a number of variables (including personal preference) but usually 2.5 – 4 inches is about right. We’ll use our best judgement if not supplied with exact sizing, which you can approve before printing.

What colour should my neck print be?
Any colour you like but bear this in mind. If you’re ordering a range of shirt colours that include light & dark coloured garments with neck tag prints we recommend using a mid – light grey colour ink. This can then be printed on all garment colours without changing the ink colour, saving you money on ink colour changing fees. If using a light grey ink this allows the print to be on the inside of white t-shirts without the ink showing through the back & also will show up on most other colours. Please note that mid – dark ink colours on white shirts will be visible through the back, especially on thinner t-shirts. 

That’s about all there is to know about custom screen printed neck tags. If you have any further questions or need help with your design, please feel free to get in touch with us